Case Studies.

Any decision on selection, development and career progression of employees is a big responsibility. The case studies on this page provide examples of how Customised Assessments helps its clients capture the relevant data needed to make informed human resource decisions.

Below are recent examples of clients we work with around the world.

Online Leadership Assessment - Logistics Company USA

Overcoming a complex design specification and delivering a competency measurement tool adding significant value to leadership development and assessment. 

A leading transportation company covering more than 20 states of the United States of America, with a strong culture of all employees working together as part of the same team to reach common goals, had established a leadership competency model including behavioural indicators for each competency.

A development workshop was being designed by the company to assist leaders at all levels to further strengthen their leadership skills.

However the design team realised, that prior to participating in the workshop, each participant would benefit from a clear understanding of personal level of understanding of the competencies and supporting sub competencies. In addition this information would be invaluable for the workshop facilitators and enhance the success of the project.

We received a request to provide a custom designed, online skills and leadership competency assessment, suitable for a company wide audience that could be administrated by the companies HR personnel.

Because the company required assessment of not only core competencies, but also the sub competencies that supported each core competency, the design was extremely complex.

Within three weeks our Customised Assessment Team created, tested and commissioned a custom designed online competency assessment to the client that completely met their specifications.


To date more than 3500 of the clients’ employees have completed the online assessment.

Online Recruitment Assessment - Government Agency Australia

Helping long-term unemployed get back into the workforce resulting in a significant reduction of government agency budget expenditure for support payments.

A large government agency providing welfare services to more than 1 million citizens each year. A significant amount of its budget was being spent on support payments to the long-term unemployed. The agency became aware of a short fall, in both government agencies and the private sector, for quality customer service personnel. The agency saw an opportunity to reduce long-term unemployment benefit dependency by providing candidates for customer service positions. The agency worked with an external consultant to identify the competencies required to be effective in a customer service role. In addition a post assessment development workshop was created.

Customised Assessment was approached to custom design a competency assessment using the customer service competencies the agency had established. The data from each participants’ assessment enabled the agency team to choose the people who had the best chance of success to take part in the post assessment workshop.

Prior to attending the workshop each persons’ assessment data was reviewed by the workshop facilitator and a personalized development strategy was established. A study of the success of the assessment/development strategy revealed it had worked well. These people established themselves back into the workforce and the agency significantly reduced their unemployment support payments.


78% of the long term unemployed had work within 28 days of the completing the project


70% remained employed three months after completing the project.

Online Academia Course Assessment - University USA

Significant Reduction of Selection Costs and Improved Objectivity.

An industry leading organisation annually recruits quality graduates into its Graduate Program from reputable universities.

In addition to the attainment of solid academic results the organisation also seeks individuals whose strengths align with the organisations core values.

We developed an online competency assessment that focused on competency testing each candidate’s level of awareness of the actions required to deliver on the core values critical for the successful completion of the Graduate Program.

Online Employee Awards Selection - Pharmaceutical Industry USA

Improving Consistency and Objectivity to Awards Judging.

The Pharmaceutical industry wanted to enhance their method of selecting winners of their prestigious annual excellence awards for Best Sales Representative, Best Sales Manager and Best Sales Team. We were chosen to develop an online customised assessment that measured the performance competencies the researchers within the industry had identified as critical for success in the respective roles.

Our first step in developing the customised assessment was to create numerous real world mini case studies and multiple choice responses for each of the core performance competencies. These were then verified by the pharmaceutical industry subject matter experts for their validity and entered onto our web based assessment architecture.

Each contestant was sent a discrete Identification number and password that enabled him or her to access their personal competency assessment online. The resulting data from each competency assessment was incorporated into the judging forming part of the scoring of and ultimately the selection of the individual category winners.

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