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We are a web-based company working with medium to large organisations and government agencies around the world

Our unique design ability enables us to utilise the competencies you provide to fully customise the content of your online competency and skills measurement tools. This means the data you receive is relevant to your business and your human resource decisions. Real time data you can optimise elements of your business and assets.

With more than 80 years combined experience in human resources and competency assessment &  skills development, our team is experiienced to deliver cost effective and user-friendly competency measurement tools that work in todays world,  online and tailored to your requirements.

customized assessments

Delivering new efficiencies and capabilities in competency measurement

Customised Assessments can help you to get your critical competencies right

Founder and Executive Director

Don J Thomson


Leading our team is Don J Thomson, a recognised specialist in the development of customised solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Don has more than 30 years experience in helping organizations transform their people into high achievers. He specializes in the identification and measurement of the critical competencies of high performing individuals who influence organizational success.

In 1982 Don founded a global human performance consultancy delivering performance development strategies to leading businesses around the world.

During this time Don was responsible for hundreds of cutting-edge, client-funded research and consulting assignments to establish and sustain competitive advantage through the selection, retention and development of high performers.

Don was CEO of the company for 26 years before selling it in 2008 and founding Customised Assessments.

Defining Critical Competencies

When defining critical competencies for assessment we suggest you limit your list to 8 to 10 competencies. This will keep you focused on the ‘must haves’ rather than the ‘nice to haves’.

Each competency needs to be well defined to ensure the content of the Competency Assessment and/or Competency Feedback is relevant to the data you are seeking. Vague and inaccurate descriptions can compromise effective assessment.

Online Customised Assessments can assist you to identify and development business and organisation critical competencies.

Competency Description Example for – Customer Focus Assessment

Anticipates customers (internal and external) needs, takes ownership of, plus responsibility and accountability for the level of customer satisfaction by establishing productive relationships, answering customers questions concisely, proactively dealing with customers problems and exceeding customers expectations.

Along with each competency description a set of performance standards are included. These performance standards form the basis for scoring of the candidates’ effectiveness in the competency.

Customised Assessments can help you to get your critical competencies right.

Powerful Custom Designed Online Competency Measurement Tools

customized assessments

Choosing The Right Measurement Tool

After developing the critical competencies, the next step is choosing the appropriate measurement tool to obtain the type of data you seek. This decision will depend on which question you want answered.

Do they know what to do? Do they do it? In other words, does the individual know what behaviours are required for each critical competency? Do they deliver these behaviours on the job?

Your custom designed Competency Assessment will provide invaluable, objective data about each participant’s level of knowledge of your unique critical competencies. This tool is used in the employee selection process and as a pre-course instrument for developmental workshops.

Your custom designed Competency Feedback will provide invaluable, objective data on how well the participant delivers the critical competencies on the job. This tool is used for career development and as a post-workshop support.

Ensuring Relevancy To Your Business

Our customised Competency Assessments and Competency Feedback tools use the competencies you have identified as critical for success in your target role and/or environment.

To ensure relevancy our content developers work with you to thoroughly understand both the specific role and environment to which the competency measurement tool is to be applied. Each competency assessment and/or competency feedback is never generic.

It is always custom designed, role and/or environment specific and focused on either determining the level the individual comprehends the competencies critical for the target role or how well they deliver them on the job.

The data captured is therefore relevant to your business and assists in decisions of selection, development and career progression of your employees.

Each competency description includes a set of performance standards.              These performance standards form the foundation for scoring of the candidates and employee effectiveness in the online competency assessment process.

Need Assistance? We offer advice to you in competency definition, assessment design and data interpretation.

What Clients Say.

The assessment confirmed that I have lots of strengths I can use! I went on to secure a permanent job and have recently been promoted to supervisor

Long-term Unemployed Participant

The competency assessment data allowed me to individualize the training

Workshop Facilitator

The competency assessment designed by Customised Assessments was very effective in highlighting people predisposed to customer service


I like the assessment reports because the results can be used as a springboard to how well participants are doing relative to their level within the company’s hierarchy

Class Facilitator

Because I am driven by metrics, the information in my report provided a more objective indicator, as well as a benchmark

Class Attendee

Setting up and monitoring participants is so easy and your prompt response to my questions is a customer focus benchmark some of our other suppliers could take note of! You guys are amazing!

Manager Talent Development

Your commitment to meeting our design specifications and turnaround time of the project has been exemplary. Thank you!

Manager Development

The assessment improved objectivity and greatly helped in creating a shortlist that ultimately led to the identification of the winners of each category

Awards Judge

The real world mini case studies presented throughout the assessment gained a valuable insight into what the candidates will be confronted with on any day as a participant in the organisations Graduate Program

Client Consultant