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A unique online system built to measure your business critical competencies.


No Lock-in Contracts, No Expensive Software Purchases, No Annual Fee.

Employee’s levels of understanding of your business critical competencies and how well they deliver them on the job can make or break an organization.

Our custom designed Competency Assessment and Competency Feedback tools will provide you with the essential data you need for decisions on selection, development and career progression of your personnel.

Unlike other measurement tools, we don’t presume your specific requirements with pre-determined competencies. Instead, we custom design your online competency measurement tools using the competencies you have identified as critical
for success. This means the data you receive is relevant to your business.

Plus our unique, free to use, online Competency Measurement Administration Tool gives you complete control over the entire employee participation process

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Powerful Custom Designed Competency Measurement Tools

Competency Assessment

The Competency Assessment gathers data on the level of understanding the participant has of the behaviours required to deliver the competencies you have identified as critical for success in a target role.

In addition to providing additional insight for screening and shortlisting job applicants etc. this tool is also extensively used for training needs analysis and as a pre-course instrument for employees participating in development workshops.

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Competency Feedback

The Competency Feedback gathers data from a custom designed questionnaire that the participant (Self), plus people who work most closely with them (Responders) complete, on the participants delivery on the job of the competencies identified as critical in the target role.

This tool is used for ongoing development, performance reviews, succession and as a post-course feedback etc.

For more information please see our sample reports.

See Samples

Competency Measurement Administration Tool

Our, free to use, Competency Measurement Administration Tool gives you complete control of the participation process. You simply access the tool using your exclusive codes. At any time you are able to monitor each participant’s progress and authorize report generation on those who have completed.

Individual and Group Reports are automatically emailed directly to you for distribution.

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Delivering new efficiencies and capabilities in competency measurement

customised assessments
Fully Custom Designed

We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach. We are proudly unique in our ability to custom design all competency measurement content to specifically suit your business.

Cost Effective

No lock-in contracts, no purchase of software, no travel costs for participants, no delivery charges, no annual fees.

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Easy To Use

Administrators and participants can log in at any time, from any device, via the Internet using discrete project codes, ID’s and passwords.

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Useful Reports

Each participant receives an easy to understand personalized report. (see sample). Administrators receive a group report of all participants results.

Fast Turnaround

Design and activation of your custom designed competency measurement tools is usually completed within ten working days.

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Competency Assessment

Your custom designed competency assessment will provide insightful data on each participant’s level of understanding of the competencies you have identified as critical for success.

customised assessments
Competency Feedback

Your custom designed competency feedback gathers invaluable, objective data from each participant, plus the people they work with, on how well the participant delivers your critical competencies on the job.

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Defining Critical Competencies

Choose only those competencies that are truly critical for success in the target role. We suggest that you limit your list to 8 to 10 key competencies. In other words focus on the ‘have to haves’ rather than the ‘nice to haves’. Customised Assessments can support you in the identification and development of these critical performance competences.

Designing Competency Measurement Tools

The content of your custom designed Competency Assessments and Competency Feedback tools are created using the critical competencies you provide. The results are therefore relevant to your business and assist in decisions of selection, development and career progression of your employees.

Choosing the Right Online Measurement Tool

To obtain the type of data you seek depends on which question you want answered. Do they know what to do? i.e. Does the individual know what behaviours are required for each critical competency? or Do they do it? i.e. Do they deliver these behaviours on the job?

Our Competency Measurement and Administration Tools are easy to use, secure and reliable.

Powerful tools delivering new efficiencies and capabilities to your:

  • Competency assessment
  • Screening and short listing
  • Reinforcing of performance
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Managing under-performance
  • Competency development
  • Career progression
  • Employment selection

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