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assessment servicesThe more that is known about an individual’s comprehension and delivery of your critical competencies the higher the likelihood of success in the role and on business outcomes. Customised Assessments provides a means for every participant to be assessed fairly on their awareness of the actions required to deliver on the performance competencies identified as critical for success in the target role and how well they deliver them on the job.

The identification, definition and performance standards of the critical competencies are the foundation for competency assessment and competency feedback reliability, relevance and ongoing performance management of your personnel. Our subject matter experts work with you through a process of critical competency modeling to obtain a clear understanding of what these are and what they look like when performed effectively in the target role.


User friendly Competency Assessment Management System :
The client appointed Administrator simply enters each participants name and email address into the system. The participant will receive an automated email with unique ID, access code and instructions on how to complete their Competency Assessment or Competency Feedback. The Administrator is able to monitor each participant’s progress and activate report generation on those who have completed. Reports are automatically sent directly to the Administrator for distribution.

post assessment supportPost Implementation Support:
We are always available to provide you with support following the participation of your personnel in our customised competency skills assessment and/or competency feedback tools. We offer assistance to you in data interpretation, training needs and developmental recommendations.

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