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new efficiences
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in competency assessment and
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Whether you seek insight into your employee’s levels of understanding of the competencies you have identified as critical for success in a target role (Competency Assessment) or how well they deliver them on the job (Competency Feedback), our unique online Competency Assessment Management System will provide you with online measurement tools that enable you to efficiently collect the data you need to make decisions on selection, development and career progression of your employees.

Unlike other measurement tools, we don’t try to define the requirements of your specific role with pre-set competencies.  Instead, we allow you to define the competencies you want to evaluate. You can define those with or without our assistance – find out more about our services.

Our Competency Assessment Management System is easy to administer, secure and reliable; and cost effective. There are no lock-in contracts and no expensive software to purchase – find out more about our pricing.

By using our Competency Assessment Management System your custom designed Competency Assessment and Competency Feedback tools will deliver new efficiencies and capabilities to your:

  • competency assessment
  • screening and short listing
  • reinforcing of performance
  • skills gap analysis
  • managing under-performance
  • competency development
  • career progression
  • employment selection


The Competency Assessment gathers data on the level of understanding the participant has of the behaviours required to deliver the competencies you have identified as critical for success in a target role. In addition to providing additional insight for screening and shortlisting job applicants etc. this tool is extensively used for training needs analysis and as a pre-course instrument for employees participating in development workshops. View a sample report.


The Competency Feedback gathers data from a custom designed questionnaire that the participant (Self), plus people who work most closely with them (Responders) complete, on the participants delivery on the job of the competencies identified as critical in the target role. This tool is used for ongoing development, reinforcement of performance, performance reviews and as a post-course feedback etc. View a sample report.

Keen to find out more? We’ve got answers to your FAQs or you can contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Customised Assessments – delivering new efficiencies and capabilities in competency assessment and competency feedback for short listing, selection, skills gap analysis, training needs, alignment to organisational values and culture, competency testing, competency development, career management, promotion, compliance and quality assurance.

Developing Critical Competencies

When developing critical competencies for assessment, choose only those competencies that are truely critical for success in the target role. We suggest that you limit your list to include only eight to 10 key performance competencies. This will keep you focused on the ‘have to haves’ rather than the ‘nice to haves’. Customised Assessments can support you in the identification and development of these critical performance competences.Developing Performance Competencies

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Choosing the Right Measurement Tool

After developing the critical competencies, the next step is choosing the appropriate measurement tool to obtain the type of data you seek. This decision will depend on which question you want answered. Do they know what to do? Do they do it? In other words, does the individual know what behaviours are required for each critical competency? Do they deliver these behaviours on the job?

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Reliability and Relevance

Our customised Competency Assessments and Competency Feedback tools are focussed on the key skills critical to your target role. The results are reliable and relevant to your business and assist in decisions of selection, development and career progression of your employees.

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