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new efficiences
and capabilities
in competency assessment

Determining an individual's level of understanding of the competencies critical for success in a target role can be time consuming and costly. Whether you are looking to assess for selection, retention, compliance, quality assurance or training and development, Customised Assessments can help you to effectively and fairly evaluate personnel using our unique web-based skills analysis system.

Unlike other assessment tools, we don’t try to define the requirements of your specific role with pre-set performance competencies.  Instead, we allow you to define the competencies you want to evaluate. You can define those with or without our assistance – find out more about our services.

Regardless of your approach, you will benefit from the true objectivity our effective assessment system delivers. Add it to your appraisal process. It’s easy to administer, secure and reliable; and there’s no expensive software to purchase which makes it very affordable – find out more about our pricing.
Customised Assessments’ online system will deliver new efficiencies and capabilities to your:

  • competency skills assessment
  • screening and short listing
  • development assessments
  • skills analysis
  • effective assessment
  • competency development
  • training assessment
  • employment selection

With more than 60 years combined experience in human resources and competency assessment and development, our executive team is well credentialed to deliver this cost effective and time saving screening tool. Find out more about us.

Customised services

Scenario-based competency assessment content is prepared by us and custom designed to suit your business environment and the characteristics of your target role. Your content is uploaded onto our web-based system, enabling your candidates to log on at any time and from anywhere in the world to participate in the assessment. They simply read the mini case studies and select the response they believe would be most effective.

Customised results

Your system administrator has total control of the Customised Assessments online competence assessment system, giving you the independence and flexibility you need to do business efficiently.

For example, your administrator can login to retrieve reports from our secure site or when you want to review your candidates’ progress. The reports provide valuable insight into the candidate’s level of awareness of the actions required to deliver on the performance competencies critical for success in the target role. View a sample report.

Keen to find out more? We’ve got answers to your FAQs or you can contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

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Developing Performance Competencies

When developing performance competencies for assessment, choose only those competencies that are critical for success in the target role. We suggest that you limit your list to include only eight to 10 key performance competencies. This will keep you focused on the ‘have to haves’ rather than the ‘nice to haves’. Customised Assessments can support you in the identification and development of these critical performance competences.Developing Performance Competencies

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Competency Assessment

The costs of making the wrong selection or retention decision continue to grow. Gaining as much relevant information about candidates has become more crucial than ever. When a competency assessment is used in conjunction with reference checks and interviews, the screening techniques will give you everything you need to make an informed decision, selecting the best person for your target role.

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Our customised competency assessments measure the key skills critical to your target role. The results are reliable and relevant to your business and they make it easy for you to substantiate your employment selection decisions.

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