Case Studies / Testimonials

case study 1Case Study 1:

Significant Reduction of Selection Costs and Time, Improvement in Objectivity and Efficiency.

An industry leading organisation annually recruits quality graduates into its Graduate Program from reputable universities.

In addition to the attainment of solid academic results the organisation also seeks individuals whose strengths align with the organisations core values.

We developed an online competency assessment that focused on competency testing each candidate’s level of awareness of the actions required to deliver on the core values critical for the successful completion of the Graduate Program.

“Prior to the implementation of the competency assessment, the screening method for creating a short list was a 10 –15 minute telephone conversation with each candidate. Because there are approximately 200 applicants and a very short amount of time to identify candidates, this screening method used a significant amount of resources. Immediately the online competency assessment was commissioned it freed up resources, reduced costs and turn around time plus improved objectivity and efficiency. Candidates tell us that because of the real world mini case studies presented throughout the assessment they gain valuable insight into what they will be confronted with on any day as a participant in the organisations Graduate Program.” - Client Consultant

case study 2Case Study 2:

Improving Screening Consistency and Objectivity

The Pharmaceutical industry wanted to enhance their method of selecting winners of their prestigious annual excellence awards for Best Sales Representative, Best Sales Manager and Best Sales Team. We were chosen to develop an online customised assessment that measured the performance competencies the researchers within the industry had identified as critical for success in the respective roles.

Our first step in developing the customised assessment was to create numerous real world mini case studies and multiple choice responses for each of the core performance competencies. These were then verified by the pharmaceutical industry subject matter experts for their validity and entered onto our web based assessment architecture. Each contestant was sent a discrete Identification number and password that enabled him or her to access their personal competency assessment online.  The resulting data from each competency assessment was incorporated into the judging forming part of the scoring of and ultimately the selection of the individual category winners.

“The online competency assessment added significant value to our judging process. The data that flowed from each contestant’s responses enabled the judging panel to delve in more depth into the respective individuals delivery of the industries core performance competencies. The content of the assessment was extremely relevant to the criteria and ensured consistency of judging across all candidates. In addition the assessment improved objectivity and greatly helped in creating a shortlist that ultimately led to the identification of the winners of each category.” - Malcolm Dawes Awards Judge.

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