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Customised Assessments Online succeeds by delivering a fully customised, effective and efficient method of enhancing important decisions associated with the selection, retention, quality assurance, compliance and training and development of top talent.

We work with medium to large businesses and government agencies. We bring new efficiencies to employee evaluation by providing an online performance competency assessment to the process.

We are a web-based company and we deliver our competency assessments online. We are proudly unique in our ability to allow you to customise these assessments to suit your business. There is no one size fits all approach. This means the results you receive will be relevant and reliable, empowering you to make the best possible human resource decisions.

Our team has more than 60 years combined experience in human resources and competency assessment and development assessment.

Don J Thomson – Founder and Executive Director

 Leading our team is Don Thomson, a recognised specialist in the development of customised solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Don has more than 30 years experience in helping organisations transform their people into high achievers. He specialises in the identification and assessment of the critical competencies of high performing individuals who influence organisational success.

Prior to establishing Customised Assessments in 2008, Don was Founder and CEO of DTA Worldwide Group Pty Ltd, an international company that delivers performance development strategies to leading businesses around the world.

During this time Don was responsible for hundreds of cutting-edge, client-funded research and consulting assignments to establish and sustain competitive advantage through the selection, retention and development of high performers.

Other members of our team include industry experts with more than 30 years experience in human resources consultancy, training, development assessment and recruitment fields.

Their experience includes, reviewing and recommending new strategies to improve selection and retention issues, designing and introducing performance measurement practices, facilitation of training in recruitment, design and implementation of workflow processes.

Our experienced team brings an enthusiasm for change in the methodology of personnel assessment for selection, retention, promotion, compliance, quality assurance, training & development. They also have the expertise and commitment to deliver new assessment efficiencies to the businesses and government agencies with which they work.

Developing Performance Competencies

Each competency needs to be well defined to ensure the content of the competency assessment is relevant to the skills you are assessing. Vague and inaccurate descriptions can compromise effective assessment. Customised Assessments can help you to get your performance competencies right.
Below is an example of a clear description of one of a number of specific role performance competencies developed by us for one of our customers.

‘Anticipates customers (internal and external) needs, takes ownership of, plus responsibility and accountability for the level of customer satisfaction by establishing productive relationships, answering customers questions concisely, proactively dealing with customers problems and exceeding customers expectations.’

Along with each competency description a set of performance standards are included. These performance standards form the basis for scoring of the candidates’ effectiveness in the competency.

Competency Assessment

Your custom designed, role specific, competency assessment will provide you with invaluable objective data about each participant’s level of knowledge of the performance competencies critical for success in the role.

When a competency assessment is used for selection in conjunction with reference checks and interviews the three sources of information should all indicate more or less the same things (convergence) about the candidate. If however, one source seems to contradict another (divergence) further investigation should be undertaken to uncover possible explanations.


Engaging content matter experts in the development of your critical performance competencies adds reliability and relevance to your competency testing.

Reliability depends primarily on the quality of the competency assessment construction. Each competency assessment is therefore not generic it is custom designed, role specific and focused on determining the level to which the participant comprehends the performance competencies critical for the target role.

Relevance is the degree of correlation between the competency assessment content and the critical elements of the performance competencies being assessed. This approach (referred to as content related validity evidence) is built into the competency assessment by the assessment developers. To create a competency assessment that has content related validity, the developers involve subject matter experts who thoroughly understand both the subject matter of the competency assessment and the specific role to which the competency assessment is to be applied.

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